Have I Gone a Bit Too Far for You ?

As a student I don’t have time for and can’t afford a television and only manage to watch things that come to my attention over social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. One thing I did watch recently was the episode of ”Have I Got News for You” presented by Claire Balding as my Twitter feed swelled with opinions of outrage, and ovation. 

The episode stared as many others before it had as a light hearted and satirical look at the week’s top news stories. The first thing that caught my attention and the attention of many twitter users was the way the show handled the false allegations that they had, years previous to his death, exposed Jimmy Savile as a paedophile. The recent news of victims of Savile and police enquires in to the man is a touchy subject to tackle on the BBC and many felt the presenter and pannelists did not live up to the BBC’s standards.

Paul Merton Started by quashing the rumours that had risen on the internet about the show when Savile appeared on it. Ian Hislop then went on to say he did not like Savile when he met him and he thought many people at the BBC did not like him either but no body knew for sure the man was a paedophile. Many tweeted that this was awkward, and in my view the general feeling in the studio was uncomforted as there were only a few out of place titters to be heard from the audience, this however did not mean Hislop was wrong to say these things. Many commended his honesty and others appreciated the first hand account on what someone who had met, and worked with Savile, thought of him.

Comedian, Graham Linehan created a roar of laughter as he suggested we gather together all the ”Jim’ll fix it” badges, melt them together, forming a giant spike and plunge it into Savile’s grave. Hislop raised his eyebrow to this and gave a slight sarcastic laugh, before he went on to comment on how ”Have Got News for You” is a comedy programme and this subject was not very funny at all.

The Joke that raised most concern among the audience in the studio and the one at home was Claire Balding’s description of Abu Hamza’s extradition to America. She joked about Hamza being disappointed to fly in to an airport, not a tall building, not one person in the audience laughed and Linehan seemed to laugh at this fact more than the joke.

In my opinion, comedy is what makes people laugh, everyone has different tastes, as with anything. So I commend the BBC for not censoring its audience from the hard hitting opinions on Jimmy Savile and the odd joke that may not be to everyone’s taste.

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