Europe Wins The Peace Prize, Causing Controversy

It has just been announced that the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 is the European Union. Frankly, I find this ridiculous.

The awarding committee in Norway justified their decision by claiming Europe has brought countries like France & Germany together and has also enforced democracy in southern Europe.
I completely disagree.
The euro was intended to further bond Union members together but in the wake of the current recession has done the complete opposite. In Germany it has caused a public hatred towards Greece, Ireland and Spain as their excellent economy is having to fund other’s debt.
Also, the European Union doesn’t enforce democracy, it does the complete opposite for many countries, including the United Kingdom.
Around 80% of decisions affecting the UK are made by the European Parliament in Brussels, however the UK doesn’t have much say in who forms the parliament. An example of this would be the Common Fisheries Policy where the majority of fish in British water cannot be taken by British fishermen. Instead countries such as Spain and the Netherlands, with very low amounts of fish in their water, can come and fish in British water.
If the UK wanted to leave the CFP, Spain and the Netherlands would have enough power to veto our decision.
Despite all of this, the EU have now won a prize worth $1.2 Million and I can guarantee none of this money will help the UK, Germany or any other large economies in it simply for the free market.

It’s about time we ended this dictatorship before it starts enforcing the phrase ‘peace is war’.

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