Vice Founder Shane Smith Announces 24 Hour News Service

Shane Smith, one of Vice’s three founders, has announced that his organisation will be launching an alternative rolling news channel next year. Having founded Vice as a Montreal based pop-culture magazine in the early 1990s, Smith’s publication has expanded into the worlds of documentary making, publishing, politics, fiction and record releases; all with a DIY feel and a growing alternative fan base.

In his seminar at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Smith launched Vice News with typical controversy. Following the hashtag #ADMS12 many accounts live tweeted his announcement. Smith is quoted as saying, “Young people are angry… but the world keeps making more vacuous TV” and that with Vice News his media conglomerate are, “Looking to be the largest online news organisation in the world”. He also levelled his aim at his favourite target: right wing mainstream media, describing Fox News as based, “to the right of Hitler” and, “derivative and head-in-sand”.

Vice News launches next year in 18 countries.

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  1. good piece … just like a pro

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