Skype malware worm continues to spread; Beware.

The other day I was subtly shocked to wander across a post on the popular blogging site Tumblr warning Skype users to be hyper-vigilante of a malware worm spreading through Skype. Recently, tweeted that the malware is continuing to spread and Skype users should beware.

Users are sent a message through an already-infected contact through their Skype messaging service with the phrase “lol is this your new profile pic?” followed by a link. Once clicked, the malware is downloaded to their computer thus locking it and passing the link on to everyone else on their contact list.

LA Times reports;

“According to Trend Micro, some of the computers that have been infected install malware known as ransomware that locks users out of their computers and tells them their files have been encrypted. The ransomware then says the files will be deleted unless the user pays $200 within 48 hours.”

The full post can be seen here




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  1. Techy … but good

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