Kerrang Tour 2013 – A Tale of Men in Make-Up?

Kerrang Tour 2013 has started with a bang, and it hasn’t started yet…

As always, the build up to the announcement of the annual ‘Kerrang Tour’ was huge. Months of debates among fans and speculation about who would be gracing stages across the UK this year all came to a head this morning as the magazine announced their acts for the 2013 tour.

So what bands have been hailed as the ‘Best of Britain’ this year I hear you ask. To put it one way I believe there will be more make up artists than musicians on that particular tour bus come February 2013.

In the past the Kerrang Tour has been headlined by bands such as Bullet For My Valentine and Coheed and Cambria – both who have made substantial contributions to their genre of music, despite them not being my particular cup of tea. Come February 2013, Black Veil Brides and Fearless Vampire Killers will be playing to audiences across the UK dressed in skin tight leather trousers sporting more make up than you are likely to find in Lady Gaga’s dresser.

Many people are already reacting in a very negative manner to this mornings announcement and is believed that the ticket sales may take a blow due to the standard of bands playing. Twitter users are not happy with many saying the line up is ‘one of the worst things I have ever seen.’

Whether this takes any toll on the credibility of Kerrang is yet to be seen, but these shows will certainly be more about looking good than playing well.

Calum Wilson

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  1. good piece but a bit more about what Kerrang is and their standing in music world

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