Guerrilla Stickers- vandalism or well needed humour?

Did you know there is a £200 pound fine for making eye contact on the London underground? Or that during peak times you are required to allow others to sit on your lap? OK, that’s not quite the truth.

According the the BBC, an array of fake ‘travel notices’ have been appearing in the London underground. These phony signs have been using identical typefont and symbols as the real underground notices, meaning that to many they will go unnoticed. But to those who do avert their eyes from the ground or their newspaper or their phone it must come as a welcome relief from the usual drudgery that is travelling by tube.

Surprise surprise, the British Transport Police are having none of it. They said grafitti “would not be tolerated”. However, the stickers are still being bought by many online with around 200 sold this year already. A spokeman from the website where they are on sale, described the stickers as “a form of rebellion”. What’s wrong with a bit of humour? Us Brits are notorious for taking the micky of themselves. From what I can see these stickers are not offensive to any particual individual or group but are a light-hearted statement about our modern society. If the BTP really wanted to take action, they should start producing signs like these themsleves.

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  1. v good … like it …quirky

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