A Disturbing Discovery

This week I realised something about myself which made me gasp in horror. I realised that I agree with not one, but TWO Tory policies.

Now while I wouldn’t exactly call myself a Labour fan either (and don’t get me started on those pesky Lib Dems), I’ve always considered the Conservative party as the one furthest from my political stance. I still do, but my god did I get a fright.
The first policy, and perhaps the most controversial of the two, was that there shouldn’t be a mansion tax. When asked why the Torys opposed said tax, David Cameron said that he doesn’t believe “people should be punished for making a better living for themselves.”
Now while I obviously don’t agree poor people should be charged the same as the extremely wealthy, I kind of understand his sentiment. Why should people be forced to pay more just because they done better for themselves?
However, the problem David and his puppeteer face is their unwillingness to help people make themselves a better living. While it is fair to suggest people don’t be penalised for earning more, it’s not fair to create policies which prevent those from less well off backgrounds from earning more.
So while I was initially worried that I was becoming a filthy Tory, I soon realised how empty David Cameron’s sentiment was.
Despite this, I whole heartedly agree with the suggestions to bring more rights to those effected by burglary. If someone wants to enter my house and steal my things then I believe I should be well within my rights to ‘clobber them’.
But then again, should the Conservatives pass this legislation, quite a few students, elderly people, disabled people, unemployed people and consumers of hot food (to name but a few) will probably be well within their rights to visit Downing Street with heavy weaponry.

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  1. v good … funny … and like the pic

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