We Have A Ghost music review

We Have A Ghost are an instrumentalist based band, mixing between slow and fiery paced songs and verge on reminding me of a ‘chilled out’ Crystal Castles. The use of synthesizer gives the band an electric feel, but they use it in an unconventional manner as their songs ooze ambience and offer an elevating feel as a pose to an upbeat vibrant one, most electrical based bands and artists tend to delve towards.

The first song of the album – The Secret – has a well-constructed blend of drums, electrics, guitars and piano that give you an initial idea of what the band is about and acts as a befitting introduction for a decent ten song album.

 Computerrox – the second song of the album, is a vibrant electronic sound that could be easily featured in the background of an action movie car chase. The drums compliment the song justly as they build up all the way into the crescendo of the song and aid it in being dexterously entertaining.

Electric Blanket – has all the connotations of comfort and relaxation the title implies with a perpetual drum beat and rhythm that makes one reposed. The song offers a new way of enjoying an instrumentalist and an electronic based song as you find it, to use the colloquial term, trippy! The introduction of vocals also contributes to the space-y aspect of the song.

The Incident – is more conventional in terms of the style it proposes. With a slow build up and only a slightly expeditious chorus the song lacks in substance and leaves you feeling like it isn’t really going anywhere. Perhaps it is the repetitive format of the song or maybe it is the perpetual sounding rhythms across the album that makes this particular song irksome and tiring to listen to.

Half way through the album now and song 5 – It Is What It Is – brings me back to enjoying the album. With carefully acquainted drums the song seems to make a little more sense. Although the song still strikes you as perpetual you can appreciate and relish it in the same way as Electric Blanket as the unconventionality is both intriguing and titillating.

Walk Away – has a slightly darker sound to it than Electric Blanket but the reintroduction of vocals aid the album in remaining enticing and not falling into the danger of each song becoming same-y. The song again adapts the format of a slow building start leading into an elevating crescendo.

Song 7 – Meadow – for the most part is technically on point. However the real life sounding objects like smashing and pots banging in the background alienates me as a listener as it distracts me from fully engaging with the song and instead forces me to clasp my ears to prevent a visceral effect (okay it’s not that bad but I had to say something funny)! The song has a lot going for it but in the duration of four and a half minutes not much additions or adaptations occur leaving it feeling like a looped song and again becomes a little hard to fully engage in.

Song 8 – To Begin Again – starts subtly in its intro but if catchy where to be used to describe any song on the album this would be the one! If vocals where used in the breaks and bridges of this song it would make it by far the best song on the album. Despite the absence of vocals the song does offer more than the Meadow with my only real criticism being that the outro is way too stretched out.

 Marymoor Park – to reiterate, begins to become again like a looped song. The consistency of the rhythm would become dull if it were not for the usage of real life sounds, in this case dogs barking in the background. Unlike my friend song 7 The Meadow the noises work appropriately and entice as a pose to distract.

The concluding song of the album is by far the most interesting song out of the ten. The song opens like a ballet dance piece with a soft sounding piano based melody as the dominant feature of the song, which I should add, I liked.

After being gripped by the first fifty seconds of the song it suddenly takes a drastic change into a much darker sounding song that is nonsensical to the opening and in my opinion doesn’t really work; especially as the two sets of melodies don’t integrate as you can clearly hear the pause between the two. At two minutes forty the song again changes into a grunge sounding fuelled crescendo which, despite being radical is better than the middle section of the song. The integration of the opening to the song with an appropriate sounding rhythm and melody would have potentially been an epic sounding song.

We Have A Ghost demonstrate a lot of promise in this ten song album through their unconventionality and unique stamp on the instrumentalist and electronic genre. However I felt that the band needed to be more varied in their songs to keep the audience engaged. I also felt like something was missing through the album and strongly think the band would be much more appealing with the frequent use of vocals, however all in all it is a decent album that for the most part I enjoyed.


– Joseph Gawne

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