Me on the Web

I write this after seeing this nifty little picture in an ad in the Metro. The ad was for Google’s new tool ‘Me on the Web’. Google claim “makes it easier to monitor your identity online. It helps you set up Google Alerts, so you receive notifications when you are mentioned on websites or in news stories, and it automatically suggests some search terms you may want to keep an eye on.”

Basically, there’s now a way to control what’s online about you. And we all know that most employers are now Googling their potential employees to check for any unwanted skeletons in the closet.

While I do think it is a great thing I can’t help but believe that there’s something a bit unfair about it. The reason why there’s pictures of people out on the lash on a Tuesday night is because they were. That status written about a bitch of a manager was put there on purpose. So why is it OK for people to be able to suddenly delete it? You can’t just omit all the ‘bloopers’ of your life.

I don’t know a great deal about Me on the Web but I’m sure as its usage grows the credibility of social media will diminish. Instead of using your Google search results as a more credible version of your CV employers will assume you’ve nipped and tucked things here and there to paint yourself in the best light. Will celebrities or public figures be able to delete any unfavourable content about them? Digital dirt was the subject of my first assigment on this module but the advent of such a technology definitely changes things. Maybe it doesn’t stick so well after all.

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  1. I agree with You completely.Shall we create an online protest? Like a survey or a facebook thread? 😉

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