Psoriasis Treatment.

Claire-Louise Dickerson

This is my first blog. I have never been a blogging kind of person but like everything else I am going to give it a try. I guess it’s the fact that I never know what to share with other people so I have decided to blog about the treatment I get for my psoriasis/eczema/dermatitis (the dermatologists have struggled to define what skin condition I have because it is so rare).

The Infliximab Infusion is a medicine given through a drip to help lower the immune system. The dermatologists have suggested trying this drug as they feel that my skin condition is the result of my immune system attacking my skin as a foreign body. They feel that by lowering my immune system it will eventually not have enough strength to attack my skin resulting in the psoriasis clearing up. The treatment is given to me over a 2 hour period (125ml per hour) every 8 weeks and the dosage is measured by my weight, this ensures that they do not give me too much. Over the 2 hour period my blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature get checked every 15 minutes to ensure I am not experiencing any major side effects. My body feels extremely tired during the treatment and I also get light-headed, which I feel is a good thing as it shows my body is accepting the drug.

As with many drugs there are side effects with the Infliximab Infusion. The major ones which I have experience within the first week after having the drug are chest pains, dry skin, dizziness, fever, nausea, stomach cramps, itchiness, tiredness and sweating. If any of these get to be too much then the hospital will take me back in overnight to ensure there is no long-term damage.

I feel that the treatment work extremely well to start off with but my immune system is building up antibodies making the Infliximab struggle to do its job.

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