I spent ages trying to figure out how to upload my podcast to appear in a playable box – with no success, so here is the transcript.

Craig Watson – Social Media

Podcast Script

Hello, I’m Craig Watson and welcome to my first podcast.

 It’s fair to say that the job scene has never been worse than in recent memory. Just this July, unemployment in Scotland rose by 5000 to 215,000 people. As a student I am fully aware of the problems in gaining employment, especially without experience. The problem has been referred to many times as the ‘chicken and the egg’ paradox. You need a job to get experience, but you need experience to get a job. I have applied to dozens of jobs since moving to Edinburgh for university, and as there were no jobs available when I was studying at college in my hometown of Dunfermline, experience was almost impossible to get. Now that I have made the move to Edinburgh, and I’m beginning to feel the financial strain, however it is merely a damp echo of a much larger problem facing thousands of our nation’s young people and the greater public in general. There are now 100,000 people in the 16-24 age bracket in Scotland that are classed as unemployed, many of them students. I can’t recall the number of times that I’ve had to complete unique employer application forms, never to hear back from them despite, in my opinion, well rounded, great answers to their questions. In my most recent job-seeking venture I was required to complete an online test to get a telephone interview for a well-known supermarket. Following the successful phone interview I was then invited to a group interview where I was pitted against 7 other prospective candidates for the job, to no ones surprise with more than plenty of experience under their belt. Following my unsuccessful group interview I have been left to continue my job search, and as thousands of others go through the same difficulties, I ask if there is anything that this country should be doing to make it easier for its young people to find work and start earning. If you have opinions on this topic then leave a comment bellow. Thanks for listening.

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