Twilight Sad tour kicks off promising an optimistically dark release

Tonight will see The Twilight Sad’s 2011 play Glasgow’s renowned venue Nice ‘N’ Sleazy as their UK tour kicks off this week and as part of the venue’s twentieth anniversary. The tour started at Dundee’s Doghouse in perfect timing for their next single release ‘SICK’.

No One Can Ever Know is set for release in February next year and singer James Graham gives plenty of confidence ahead of the release by describing it as “Honest, Scottish, sometimes noisy, intense, not pish”. He’s never one to come across as such an optimist but comforts fans by confirming that their original sound still remains.

He claims it’s the darker sides to life that are interesting and proof of such belief is evident in their tracks. His emotion fuelled lyrics contain lurid mystery which is echoed through the beautifully thought out melodies under layers of distorted atmospheres. This darkness has become the architect to their sound.

“I don’t like lyrics that harp on about how good life is all the time because that’s just not true and I think reflecting on the bad times helps you appreciate the good. All the songs are very personal because they are either about things that have happened to me or people close to me. My main influences aren’t musical to be honest.”

Nice ‘N’ Sleazy will also host performances by artists such as Arab Strap and Wake The President much to the content of The Twilight Sad.

“My teenage years were spent listening to bands on Chemikal Underground Records such as Arab Strap, Mogwai and The Delgados. Those bands were and will always be a big influence on me. The best thing that’s happened to me is knowing that those bands are fans of the band and now good friends. Bands can have all the success they want but knowing my biggest influences are also fans of the band is something you can’t buy.”

The band has been together for eight years now and many artists would have used this time to develop or define their signature sound. With a proudly embraced Glasgow twang, these guys got it right from the beginning. Remaining true to their original sound, the latest release will remain as Scottish as the rest.

“I’m Scottish and if our songs were going to be honest and genuine I had to be myself, so singing another way was never an option. It’s just the natural way I sing as well. I knew from day one it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but I don’t care because you can’t please everyone. Arab Strap is one of my favourite bands and as soon as I heard them I knew that I had to embrace where I was from in my songs for them to be honest.”

In preparation for the Glasgow show, James Graham explains his excitement for playing in their home town.

“I love Glasgow and it will always be an important place to play for me. I want us to be as successful as this band possibly can be everywhere, it’s important for us take our music to as many countries and cities as possible. Hometown gigs will always be really special and important. Our friends and family will all be at hometown gig and without their support we would never got as far as we have, so that’s another reason gigs in and around Glasgow will always be extra special.”

The band’s debut release in 2007, Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters, received notable reviews and criticism. It established their strange electric-noise-folk sound and created a strong precedent for the follow up album to live up to. Where this original sound remains prominent in the upcoming release, this time they have taken on an eighties electronic inspiration.

We can expect this release to be a representation of the guys’ writing development. Over last summer, The Twilight Sad did a couple of acoustic shows. With some slower tracks on the album and to be played across the tour, James Graham believes strongly that they have a lot to offer fans in terms of these writing abilities.

“The reaction was amazing. People that thought we were just a noise band were proved wrong and saw that the song writing in the band is probably just as strong as any noise element.”

It’s been a while since the band have done a noise-fuelled tour and we can expect to hear some more experimental sounds and tracks. James Graham comforts the fans in that the band are still as close as ever and we will not be disappointed.

“We spend so much time with each other that it would be impossible not to argue or hate each other sometimes but we are all still good friends and hang out when we’re back from tour. We believe in what we’re doing and that’s helped maintain our friendship throughout the band. If this doesn’t work out we’re fucked!”

The rest of the tour will see The Twilight Sad in Preston, York, London, Oxford, Leicester, Hull and Stirling and will end in February with their second London show.

Check out the single here –

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