We Are Standing In The Way Of Own Success

Recent research has found that women would rather work for a male boss than a female one. With more high end positions still going to men and a considerable gender pay gap still in existence the inequality is clear to see. The Fawcett society states, “Equal Pay is still an issue. In the UK, women get paid, on average, 15.5% less than men.” There have been many different inquests into why women are still getting paid less than men, but no one is yet to consider that women are preventing other women from getting jobs. Could it be true that in many circumstances female hostility and cattyness is standing in the way of other women moving up the career ladder?

It makes sense when you consider female relationships in the work place. According to careerbright.com more women would rather work for a male boss than a female boss. With much of the main reason being that men are straightforward in business but women find it difficult to extract all emotion from a situation and even women themselves would like to be dealt with without feelings and emotions in the workplace, as with emotion comes the bitchyness and ‘favourites’.

With the recent revelation that many public sector jobs are going to be cut and the majority of losses will be womens jobs as 40% of women work in the public sector compared to 11% of men, sadly it seems women are the first to go in times of hardship. Despite female social mobility (which is obviously better than it was fifty years ago) we seem to be taking one step forward and two steps back. Is it possible that we don’t make ourselves as indispensable as our male counterparts, so in a recession we are cast aside? If women would rather have a male boss and men would rather have a male boss then who is convincing employers to promote women? We really are our own worst enemies.


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