The most hated family in America

In 2007 Louis Theroux released a documentary which set out to enlighten people into the lives and followers of Fred Phelps – The leader of The Westboro Baptist Church. There are estimated to be around 50 members, 10 of which being Phelps children. Founded in 1955 the motive of the Church is to “preach the message of hate” to the rest of world, and convey the idea that the US government is immoral and excels ideas of hell. The group focus mainly on opposing homosexuality, religion, abortion, divorce, war, the government and the media.

The family are well known to protest at dead soldiers funerals holding up signs with “thank god for dead soldiers.” Not only is this seen as disrespectful but at a time of grief the last thing a family needs are protesters outside a funeral. Westboro Baptist Church Interview . This video pretty much explains the extent and opinions of their ‘cult’.

What fascinated me when i watched the documentary was the ‘brain washing’ type of behaviour that went on. Children as young as three years old are brought up to believe that everyone outside of their church were viewed as enemies. They are told that everyone will go to hell, to express their hatred for Jews, homosexuals and that sex before marriage is wrong. Like teens today listening to pop cultured music is actually granted in their community, however there is one difference. These kids had to change the lyrics of the song to fit into their beliefs through the church. For example musicians such as Lady Gaga, The Beatles and Michael Jacksons songs are used. Lyrics are converted to words such as “God hates the world (and you know he hates you too)”..

Any members which oppose to any of Phelps beliefs, are removed from the community immediately. In the second part of the documentary a girl who is in her early twentys, has been disowned from her family, all because she had questioned some of Phelps ideas. A group vote took place within the church and in days she was banished from the family and never spoken too since. All photos were removed and her family no longer likes to speak about her as she is “heading for hell”.

Personally I disagree with everything this church stands for but still seem to find them intriguing. Their website is if anyone wants to check it out…

3 Responses

  1. I’ve never heard about this before but it’s absolutely disgusting. I’m all for people having their own beliefs but inciting hatred in this way shouldn’t be allowed. Their views are extremely narrow-minded and out-dated and disowning people for not agreeing with what they believe in is ridiculous.

  2. Absolutely fantastic movie came out a few months ago on this subject – The red state. Reccomend to watch.

    It is ‘amazing’ how easy it is to influence people in favour of disgusting and absurd actions. Eew.

  3. I’ll definitely check it out. Find them so interesting, it really is a form of brain washing and is shocking how they are actually allowed to get away with it. Find it rather funny how they are convinced Barack Obama as the devil though. They are pretty much some form of crazy.

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