So, this is Christmas?

Apparently, Britons are expected to spend £200m less this Christmas than last year due rising prices of fuel, food and clothing. This is such a sad fact to hear at this time of year; one that makes me think that next year will be just as bad. But then again, as I get older my family spend less on Christmas anyway.
I remember putting my stocking on my door when I was six and waking up to sofa full of Barbie dolls, chocolate and other things that I’d now just tell my parents to avoid buying. Or items that I’ve simply grown out of. The sheer excitement on my face said it all. Now I’m contemplating working the festive period. There is no longer any festive spirit left for my generation.
Although, the sight of the Big Wheel has gotten me a tad excited. Not for Christmas itself, but more for the lead up to it. Even Starbucks are trying to keep Christmas alive with their repetitive menu of hot drinks (same old ones every year).
And it is obvious that Christmas is going to be more expensive for families with young children. The Barbie Jumbo yet was never a cheap present at £50 in 1999. But for my household it’s not. My brother and I couldn’t care less what we received. We normally only have one major present anyway. Isn’t that like most families?
I guess you can’t argue with these statistics except for the fact that they are a prediction. I’m sure some sort of X-box game will enter circulation before Christmas Eve and put a spanner in the works. Articles like these just worry people and businesses.
And at the end of the day, I doubt shops like Marks and Spencer will be feeling the loss in sales. Everyone knows that Christmas is all about the food. And that’s where they step in, casually manipulating money out of our wallets with those adverts with the sexual voices or X-factor stars.
I think it’s safe to say that I don’t feel this ‘Christmas spirit’ anymore. The only way that I do know that Christmas is here is because of that Coca Cola advert. It was shown at the start of November. Christmas to me now is just a joke. It needs to be brought back to the days of worrying how to squeeze 67 family members round a table instead of falling sales in stores. Yes, we do not have the money to spend on your badly priced goods Mr Business man. But you know what? We’ll live.


2 Responses

  1. I do understand what you are saying in terms of the recession but overall I find this article very sad. If we cannot stop being depressed for a couple of days out of the year over the festive period then we would simply be walking around all winter crying into our Christmas themed coffee’s. I personally still feel a whole lotta Christmas spirit around this time of year, and why not? Christmas always has been and still is a time to look forward to. No matter what age you are. I love Christmas as I love Christmas songs and the prospect of all my family getting together and having a gorgeous meal!

  2. i know what you mean, the christmas spirit does leave you a little as you get older. However, Christmas is still my favourite time of the year and it wouldnt be Christmas without the X-factor contestants on our tv.

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