Pole Dancing, what springs to your mind?

The phrase Pole Dancing brings up images to people of women dancing for money and sleazy, provocative strip clubs. However to others it’s a form of fitness. Pole fitness has been around since the 1990s and is estimated to be similar to swimming in the respect your using all muscles rather than just a few in contrast to other sports. Many dance schools and studios up and down the country are offering pole classes alongside mainstream aerobic classes.

Pole Dancing has no restriction and classes are usually open to both male and female. Many mistake the lack of clothing to have sexual connotations, when it’s blatantly down to the skin being able to stick to the pole so certain moves can be achieved.  There are many benefits of pole dancing – It increases muscular endurance, helps stability, balance, posture and flexibility. A 45 minute workout can burn up to 300 calories. Pole dance has been proven to be not only a skilful acrobatic display but also a method of combining strenuous gymnastic moves with flowing choreographed dance routines.

The pole world pole champion Felix Cane is the world champion pole dancer and is recognised all over the world by Pole groups. Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006. Pole Dancing is not an easy sport and not at all glamorous, it is tough and requires motivation. Vertical Dance group are campaigning for Pole dancing to become an Olympic sport, comparing it with the likes of gymnastics and figure skating. I wouldn’t at all oppose this idea; I think it would mix up the traditional view of sports and bring something new to the table.

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