Facebook Spam Attack

Earlier this week, many Facebook users in the US were subjected to a huge spam attack, which involved several disturbing images and videos appearing on their news feed, after a suspected hacking into the site. This then spread across the UK yesterday, as similar incidences occurred. It’s not yet known who the mystery hacker is or how they managed to hack into the site but this incident has raised concerns over the security of Facebook.

Facebook have said that the attack became so widespread after hackers managed to gain access to several users personal profiles and post the videos and images from their accounts. This then fooled the users friends into thinking that the links had come from people they knew. However, those who opened the links would then allow the hackers access to their profiles and, at the same time, would be subjected to various violent and pornographic images and videos.

Many people took to Twitter to declare that they were going to close their Facebook accounts, following the attack, as they were concerned about the safety and security of the site. The incident, which was one of the biggest security breaches in the history of Facebook, has raised concerns over the site’s vulnerability to hackers and similar spam attacks. Experts have claimed that the way in which Facebook allows many outside companies and organisations to share games and applications through the site enhances its vulnerability to hackers. They say that it would be easy for other hackers to copy the method used in this instance and that similar attacks are bound to occur in the future.

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