Desperate Scousewives… Seriously?

What is wrong with our society that we cannot create a demand for normal programmes that we can sit and watch of an evening without feeling a writhing anger boiling away, preparing our body for the uncontrollable convulsion that will result in the television remote entering the TV screen at lightning speed.

I hate ‘TOWIE’… hate hate hate hate hate the ridiculous programme that has coined itself as a ‘dramality’. There is no reality aspect as it is acting and the so called drama is petty and frivolous. However everywhere I look the characters are thrown down my neck. I could tell the characters more about their love lives than their mothers could yet I don’t even watch the show. Why are we being forcefed prgrammes that are slowly rotting the nations brains to an extent that we may all one day think that a botched lip job is a ‘good look’.

It seems that in Britain we are now having to create entertainment by isolating areas of the country and portraying the people in that area in the most stereotypical and contrived way. Take a bow ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, ‘Geordie Shore’ and now (drumrolls please) ‘Desperate Scousewives’. I personally do not aspire to be a ‘Desperate Scousewive’ i.e – Wag or Jordan Wannabee. And my heart breaks for the girls who idolise the ridiculous self-obsessed women in these shows. However if your life has reached an all time low and you can no longer fill your time by counting every strand of hair on your head or taking a walk and picking up disregarged canine fecal matter with your new gloves on then by all means tune in to E4 on the 28th of November and meet our newest set of ‘national treasures’.

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  1. Not going to lie, i do have a soft spot for those kind of shows. I mean really, you could have the same argument with soaps. These kinds of shows are aimed for the age group of 15-25 year olds. I guess at some points we can relate to some of their love triangles or falls outs with friends. I genuinely find they are quite entertaining! Oh and I can’t wait for that new show on e4 Sorority Girls where typical girls from Leeds are taught the ways of American Sorirty Girls. Could be interesting..

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