Wild Beasts, Liquid Rooms

Wild Beasts are a band which I can’t quite fathom. Some of their songs are great, others not so, and i’m still trying to come to the conclusion whether I love them or hate them. No, hate is a bit harsh. The name has always circulated around my various music tastes, but I never had the patience to give them a listen, and with three albums down the line, I didn’t know where to start.

Seeing them live would clear this up. I’ll admit first off that the gig overall was enjoyable, if not outstanding. Crammed like standines into the hot and stuffy confines of The Liquid Room, the crowd waited patiently for the four-piece to take to the stage. They opened with the mellow, danceable ‘Bed of Nails’, and from the first hissing hi-hat I was a little daunted about whether frontman Hayden Thorpe’s operatic voice could cope in this tiny room. It was however, quite conventional, and not as theatrical or flamboyant as I expected. You could tell he was hitting all the right notes, but his voice was muffled slightly oweing to the great technitionship of the venue staff. But the crowd was well satisfied given the frontman’s likableness and his self-confessed infatuation with Edinburgh: “It has to be the most romantic city in Britain, after the Lake District,” he grinned, hinting at the band’s roots.

The band has two singers remember, and it was interesting hearing the two singers, baritone and counter-tenor, dual. The chiming, echoey guitars were equally captivating, and the drummer played spot on in time. Highlights included ‘We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues’ and ‘All The King’s Men’, which really got the crowd going, made evident by a few atonal Scots trying badly to sing along.

The band closed with a long, mysterious synth drone, which eventually broke into a song from their latest album. This was their finest in my opinion, as their other songs sounded a tad too familiar.

Not the best gig ever, but it certainly made the band more accessible.

2 Responses

  1. Love ‘All The Kings Men’, but songs like ‘Bed Of Nails’ I find a little too bizzare and actually awkward to listen too! Totally believe they would be good to see live though!

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