Sometimes you just have to acknowledge or notice something you haven’t before, for it to appear again and again around you. On friday I stumbled upon a new campaign, helped to run by NUBS students, ‘Design a kite for Women’s rights’.

The purpose is to help to save female rights in Afghanistan, where there are none. After the Taleban rule was in order in this country, during years 1996-2001, flying kites (popular Afghan pastime, especially amongst women) has been forbidden. This campaign has created a symbol of discrimination against females in Afghanistan, represented by kites.

In collaboration with Amnesty International, these kites will be collected and represented as a reminder of importance of women’s rights in Afghanistan, during the next UK government’s meeting (The Bonn conference) in order to discuss the peace process in Afghanistan. 

Later that same day there was an article in BBC News online about violence against Afghan mother and daughter for no apparent (to me) reason. It is a heavy subject, but good to be aware of. Or just remember. Or have an opinion on.

So one more kite has been drawn (in a simple manner). And the other is a picture of a  fantastic kite, found online!

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