For twenty years the Big Issue has grown to become one of Britain’s leading businesses for not only providing current affairs and celebrity gossip, but also giving the homeless  a chance to take control of their lives and move on from homelessness. The Big Issue is read by over 500,00 people every week all over Britain. Distributors buy the magazine for £1 and sell on for £2 allowing them to manage their money and enabling them to begin to start their lives over again.

The magazine relies entirely on the help of  the public and their donations to ensure the vendors and distributors receive support and guidance. The Big Issue Foundation currently strives to support over 250,000 homeless people all over the country. The Big Issue promote their belief of providing “a hand up, not a hand out service” meaning that  although they aid individuals in their first steps away from homelessness, there are many issues that can contribute to a person becoming homeless to begin with.

Throughout their 20 years of business, the magazine has aimed to change the public perception of homelessness. The founder of the Big Issue, John Bird has received many awards for his work including MBE for ‘services to homeless people’ by Her Majesty the Queen in June 1995. He established the magazine as a way of ” freeing himself from homelessness” and and in doing so, has helped others. John Bird become homeless at the age of five, and during his years as a teenager, he commited several offences, resulting in prison terms.

Since then he has worked with more than 100,000 people a year, by giving them an oppertunity to earn money and take control of their lives again and move away from homelessness. Aswell as this he has contributed to one of Britain’s most well known magazines for twenty years,  and Im sure there are many more years to come.

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  1. Didn’t realize it had been about for 20 years! I love Big Issue, such a great idea, there should be more like it for other problems in the country.

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