Nirvana For Christmas Number 1?

by Christopher Martin

Almost two years ago the ‘Rage Against The Machine for Christmas No. 1’ campaign was launched on Facebook, aiming to prevent the winner of the X Factor (Joe McElderry) from achieving the Christmas number one slot and instead getting RATM’s ‘Killing In The Name Of” to be top of the charts. The Facebook campaign gathered momentum gradually, and after Simon Cowell denounced the campaign as “stupid” and “cynical” the group got more and more media attention, and gained widespread popularity. By December 15th 2010 the group had over 750, 000 members.

Sure enough Rage Against The Machine got to number 1, leaving X Factor winner McElderry second in the charts and Simon Cowell a bitter man. A lot of money was donated to the charity JustGiving thanks to the campaign, and RATM played a free thank you gig for 40, 000 fans in Finsbury Park. The Facebook campaign had been a success.

And aiming to emulate that triumph in 2011 is a new campaign on Facebook to get Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ to the number 1 spot in time for Christmas. The campaign’s motivation is as follows, according to the page:

“After the AWESOME chart victory for Rage Against The Machine lots of us felt that there’d be no need to do another campaign again. Yet this year they decided to effectively bully a children’s charity called RHYTHMIX by refusing to change the name of the tepid girl band and suggesting the charity “get a lawyer”

Eventually, the X Factor relented. But the question remains…if they are so supportive of charity WHY tell Rhythmix to get a lawyer instead of offering support?

Well the fight continues…

We’re going to download the Nirvana classic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ aiming for the Christmas No.1 PLUS we want to raise money to help Rhythmix continue their amazing work…”

So the group was formed following the X Factor’s dismissal of a children’s charity (Rhythmix), it seems like a justified reason to start up a campaign, charities like this shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of Cowell’s greed. It’s a wise move indeed that the Facebook campaign has teamed up with Rhythmix, it can only be beneficial to the cause.

Currently then, the campaign has amassed over 80, 000 members, and it’s only November. It’ll be interesting to see just how many people have joined the campaign by mid-December, and if Nirvana can get to number 1 for Christmas. Social media has the power to make anything possible, I’m sure we’re all aware of that, time will tell if this campaign has the ability to become a reality.

11 Responses

  1. While I can respect the idea, it is essentially another person telling us what to do and pulling heart and rebellious string to do so.

    When RATM sold x amount of records in 2010 the money went straight to Sony BMG who essentially own all the xfactor winners.

    Nirvanas Smells Like Teen Spirit is owned by DGC Records, yet another massive music titan, Universal.

    It is time to put this dinosaur to rest and get rid of the singles chart. It really serves no purpose, except as a tool to funnel money.

    Want to make a difference to the music charts this xmas? Pirate all the music you can.

    But then I am just one more person telling you to do something. So perhaps not. Perhaps just buy something that you want and not something you are told to.

  2. Whilst I don’t particularly agree with this campaign I think that the RATM campaign helped turn the Christmas number one into something that matters again. Something has to be done to end the x-factorisation of Christmas music!

  3. ridiculous. admittedly it’s a great concept but in my personal opinion (i’ll make this very clear) Nirvana are too good for that rubbish. You’ll get a bunch of teenyboppers running around thinking they’re too cool for school. Leave the charts to pop music. They’re essentially telling us all what to do again. Does anyone actually think this’ll happen?

    • I agree. This is not gonna work as well, cause Nirvana is a bit more specific (if that’s the right word)…. It would be nice to make the music selection on the radio a bit more varied though.
      love Nirvana 🙂

  4. It was a one time campaign with RATM. I agree with Di that Nirvana are a band too good to be linked to a war against the Xfactor.

  5. I loved when this happened two years ago as RATM was played on the radio a lot, and it’s an awesome song! If this happens I think it would be great as I’d much rather listen to Nirvana when i turn on the radio than constantly changing the channel in disgust when yet another ‘The Wanted’ or ‘One Direction’ song comes on.

  6. I think it’s good that people are trying to stop the routine of xfactor winner gets Christmas number one, then seems to disappear and is never heard of again but the Christmas number one used to be about all artists competing for the position. Now it’s just the xfactor vs rock song from years ago. Bring back the 90s competition!

  7. Maybe some good will come from it though – Xfactor might get a hint; done and move on. Although, I don’t think Nirvana is the best choice for this. Maybe it is the start of something new in social media taking over even more of the media. Maybe getting some faceyb competition among current or new bands and artists that have rightly opted away from such daft tv programmes and earned their success would be more suited. Competition’s always healthy eh?

  8. You could be pretty cynical and say that this has become the new Xmas tradition – the internet campaign for No 1. Yes everyone mentions the RATM success but there were unsuccessful campaigns both before and after that? Remember the Facebook group that wanted to get the original cover of ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley to number one? Also last year ‘Surfin’ Bird’ by the Trashmen got to number 3 with virtually NO media coverage with the support of Facebook. The coverage instead went to the ridiculous attempt to get John Cage’s silent song to the top of the charts. This is nothing new and is only still on the minds of the public due to the RATM campaign. Incidentally, as a complete music snob, I will support any effort to undermine the glorified karaoke that seems to pass for entertainment these days.

  9. Owen and Amy said what I was basically trying to say, screw competition, these days the xmas number one is an old song vs “the system”. It was great the first time but PIPE DOWN!

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