Yet Another Shameless Plug

I feel bad about neglecting this blog in favour of, the student-run website where I tend to publish – pro-bono, but not pro-Bono – various musical criticisms. Again, we’re always open for contributions from budding music journos! Feel free to send any work you’ve done, particularly if it’s a gig review, which we’re a little short of.

But yeah, here’s some links to a couple of album reviews that I’ve did lately, after the jump:

Los Campesinos! – “Hello Sadness”
-This one actually got retweeted by the second guitarist of the band, which led to me interviewing the lead singer earlier today at Oran Mor. Pretty proud of that one, felt like a real music journalist being ushered backstage during the support’s sound check to meet everybody.

Megadeth – “Th1rt3en”
-In retrospect, I probably gave this too high a rating. I think I was just thrilled at the prospect of not having to listen to the Metallica / Lou Reed collaboration again. At least a star and a half should have been deducted for that horrible 1337-speak title. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for thrash done right.

Surfer Blood – “Tarot Classics EP”
-Quite disappointed in this release. Their debut album was wonderful, with all the David Lynch references and the reckless guitars. Worth a listen though, and it has it’s highlights.

Metallica / Lou Reed – “Lulu”
– Embarrassing.

Song Of The Week: Titus Andronicus – “(I Am The) Electric Man”
– Pretty much just an excuse to get to write about one of my favourite bands. Such a neat story behind it as well.


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