Apathetic complaining or just simple tradition?

The guitar has always been dead, that’s what makes it cool.

The idea of being a saviour and hero to a dying music scene is not something unfamiliar with guitarists and rock band members. Through every music generation, there have been bands striving on the hope or rather, the apathy that they will revolutionise a sound that already strives on its own prehensile complaints.

With that, it seems the point of guitar driven music is to embrace its outcast, vagabond ways yet, to also protest about its struggles, including those about reaching high popularity. The pop charts have always been the enemy yet there has always been a thirst for an acceptance by this upbeat, fashionable and more importantly, popular, crowd.

The Arctic Monkeys are a band who made the common and fairly easy mistake of jumping straight into this seemingly judgemental perception. They are a band blatantly influenced by the 90’s Brit pop indie era with attitudes of the Seattle 80’s grunge scene and the appearance of young, budding Topman sales assistants thrown on top.

They did so by claiming that their recent release is an attempt to save guitar music and keep that genre on the radio. Somewhat arrogantly, singer Alex Turner stated that: ‘It’s our job to put that sort of tune out’.

Unlike the rightful complaints of the grunge era, bands such as The Arctic Monkeys have the access to big numbers in the charts. They have the huge fan base and the sought after record deals. On face value, this comment comes across rather big-headedly but if you take a deeper, more forgiving look at it, you start to see the roots of influence and their teenage idols seep through.

Maybe the fame has distorted their views of reality or maybe it’s that the only way onwards from this success is negative publicity. After all, any publicity’s good publicity, no?

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