The Wacky Designer, The High Street Fave and Their Unlikely Lovechild

Get the Honolulu lookThe Versace collection for H&M has been greatly publicised in nearly every glossy magazine worth reading! However, I am somewhat sceptical over what exactly this collaberation is going to produce. In theory it sounds like something to get the fashion industries tongue’s wagging into overdrive but in practice what will Donatella’s wacky creations look like combined with the chic simplicity of high street sweethearts H&M? #hmunitedkingdom tweeted in reference to the collection “Gold, Studs and Glamour!”. Hmm… just like every other winter collection on the high street then but with a £200 price tag?

And that is exactly the problem with designer/high street collaberate collections. Remember Jimmy Choo’s collection for H&M? People were queueing outside the affordable fashion store from the night before the collection was launched. Only to be met with bitter disappointment when they realised that the shoes were not quite the coveted Jimmy Choo luxury style for only one fifth of the price. Instead you got a very limited choice of not particularly aesthetically pleasing shoes that still bear a price tag of around £150. Where’s the logic in that when you can get a pair of killer heels in New Look for £25?

I may very well eat my words when the collection launches in the UK. However, the star-studded American launch in NYC last night showed a tropical inspired collection of ensembles (Not exactly flattering). Hawaiian shirt anyone?

6 Responses

  1. it’s like you say, the collection will be over priced and not the quality expected. At the end of the day, you are never going to get cheap designer clothes unless it’s off ebay or out of an older collection. New Look here i come…

  2. saw the advert for this collection today. admittedly i think it looks pretty cool!

  3. I so agree Kate! Some pieces may be okay, but no way will we get anything decent in the Edinburgh store! The adverts do look cool Dionne, but I don’t think anything looks particularly wearable.

  4. I think it looks fantastic, however the price tags do not. Not a fan of designer/high street collaborations though. Good on H&M though, they did a really successful collaboration with designer Alber Elbaz who designed the collection Lanvin. The stuff was beautiful but once again very over priced and sold out really quickly.

  5. Yeah I agree with Amber that the Lanvin stuff was perfect for H&M. Very sleek and simple with flattering shapes. Personally Versace has never been my cup of tea anyway.. It is very diva and outlandish and lacking subtlety. At H&M though I think we can just expect cheaper fabric. The point of wearing Versace is to make yourself feel exclusive and like a star but I think it’d just be tainted when it’s polyester with poor stitching.

  6. And I feel like this was an accurate presumption after viewing the collection online yesterday. That horrific crop hawaiin shirt jacket (pictured above)… £65, no thanks. I’d rather spend £65 on something that doesn’t look like its from Internationalle circa 2K5.

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