Hollywood Not Fur It?

Hollywood, the place usually associated with it’s glamorous lifestyle has decided to take a stand to become the nation’s first fur-free city. The home to many celebrities has showed to be greatly divided at the vote of the issue.
The business community is West Hollywood have began campaigning against the ban as a recent study showed that 46% of shops in the city sold clothing or accessories with animal fur. One business owner has said that it shouldn’t be up to the city to dictate what businesses sell unless they are paying the rent for the shop. Although the ban is in place against the use of fur on clothing, a ban has not been poised for leather companies which for some is seen as unfair.
Councilman John Heilman admitted that in order for the ban to be successful he had to get the business and community on board.
With Hollywood being such a massive influence on the world, will other cities follow suit and put a ban in place or will the stunt not have an impact at all?

4 Responses

  1. I don’t know if it is right for a city to ban something like this. Fur has been worn since time began and I think it is more of an individual’s own personal choice whether they choose to make, buy or wear fur clothing. I personally wouldn’t wear fur but some people choose to eat meat and some people choose not to. I think it is pretty much the same kind of decision, it’s the individual’s prerogative.

    • I agree completely. However, I do think that it is clearly a breakthrough for many anti-fur campaigners which is one good thing. By removing the glamour of fur, it allows people to look up to Hollywood to see the real effects and destruction behind something many people would plainly consider as a fashionable piece of clothing. Even if it is just temporary, a debate containing opinions similar to this will be good advertising for cruelty to animals where it is concerned. As I said, I agree. People eat meat, as I do, though there’s something much darker behind fur where many animals suffer purely for their skin and the meat is wasted.

  2. I agree. I think the fact Hollywood is placing this ban on fur will spur on other cities to do so. But there should be a ban on leather- it’s still killing for fashion.

  3. I think you’re right, as soon as Hollywood does something it’s seen as fashionable and the right thing to do. But I don’t think it’s fair that people can’t decide what to wear… Because how far could that go?!

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