Scotland Really Is Bonnie!

Marching to St Andrews Square first thing on Saturday morning I passed the rolling greenary of Princes Gardens, dramatic, medieval Edinburgh Castle and the beautiful buildings of the old city. More time was spent glancing in Harvey Nicol’s window than the history around me. On the 4 hour journey I went on Facebook, texted a few friends, slept and listened to my ipod. And tried not to make eye contact with the man across from me, who was slurring his word as he spoke to himself. I did look out the window, stared even, but on a journey I had made hundreds of times in my life I did not actually take in any of the view. The imposing hills that rose up from the sides of the a9, the picturesque rivers than under it, the thick woodland that lined some parts, did not catch my attention. Once in Inverness I caught a public bus to my village. From the bridge I looked out at the Beauly Firth, the city ran along the left, tiny north kessock was visable through the trees on the right and in the distance you could see a mass of sprawling hills and forest filling the gap between. Bus journeys over for the day I started to walk the 30 minutes to my house. 30 minutes out of the village, up into the hill above it. 30 minutes lined with trees, the odd house, woodland and fields full of horses. I got home. We watched a dvd as the light disappeared and had dinner. The next day my mum suggested a walk that we had not done together since I was a lot younger. After a while we swapped the road for a forestry tra, then finally what could only be described as a glorified deer track. It was a beautiful day at the top. The sky was so clear we could see past inverness to the east and on all other sides the hills disappeared into the distance. Although we weren’t, it felt like we were as high as we could get. The sun shone in rays on to the fields below us and I felt a significant pang of homesickness, or for my childhood, I couldn’t decide. I realised how lucky I was to grow up where I did, and live where I do now. I also realised that from now on, I’ll make sure I don’t take Scotland for granted again.


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  1. So true!!! We always go abroad to admire other countries, but we are so lucky with what we have right here on our doorstep!

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