MW3: It’s Here At Last

by Owen O’Donnell

At midnight tonight, gamers all over the country will finally be able to get their hands on the most hotly anticipated title of 2011; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In the next few weeks it is almost certain that most males in the 18-25 demographic will vanish for hours at a time. A spike in work absences and reports of girls being irritated at the lack of a text back from their boyfriends is set to follow.

The previous installment of the series, Black Ops broke a world record for being the largest ever entertainment launch, selling well over 5 million units within 24 hours in the UK and US. It also raked in more money than the opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 earning over double the amount of money the film made. The sequel is set to trump that. To paraphrase Ron Burgundy; ‘it’s kind of a big deal.’

The blockbuster title is sure to trigger mass screaming of obscenities over millions of headsets worldwide as the addictive online multiplayer returns. Additionally the cinematic single player campaign mode will inevitably be blasted through in a matter of hours before the online trash talking begins. Video games have long been a controversial topic with conservative viewpoints suggesting that they encourage violent behaviour. An even more recent debate is the question – “are they a legitimate art form?” The fact that the last CoD title managed to dwarf the one and only Harry Potter raises a serious question on the matter. What’s your opinion? Will you be buying it? Are you planning on venturing out at midnight tonight? Will we be seeing you in Craighouse tomorrow?


4 Responses

  1. If you need proof of what gamers will do to get their hands on a copy take a look at this

  2. Bought every COD since COD4 on release day, but since I’ve got Battlefield 3 I haven’t bought MW3. The trailers look like a slightly better MW2, and that was a terrible game after a few months of playing. I might get it at Christmas it depends.

  3. Want it now, but it’ll have to wait! Planning on buying it on the 9th, after our last assessment is due. Football Manager is enough to keep me entertained at the moment.

  4. Having bought both BF3 and MW3 I’d say they’re both about as good as each other. Sure there are a few minor shortcomings in each title but real-life warfare has never felt more realistic in the comfort of your own home. I suppose the longevity of each title will be an indication as to which game is better, at around £40/£45 each you certainly want your money’s worth.

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