1% in contrast to 46%, what are you more worried about?

Anorexia. The amount of coverage this issue recieves is obscene. I don’t mean that it shouldn’t be discussed and openly talked about. I just mean that the amount of programmes obsessed with scaremongering people about being too thin really is quite out of hand. Channel 4 are quite guilty of this. They are constantly advertising a new programme about some vulnerable underweight teenager. Really, what is our obsession with everyone’s weight?

British society is so quick to demonise the fashion world and glossy magazines, but we cannot blame an entire industry for a persons lifestyle decisions. That would be like blaming Coca-Cola for every fat person on the planet. Let’s get real here. If we want something to worry about it should be the fact that obesity trebled from 1990 to 2001. The levels of overweight people in our country is what is really shocking. It is almost as if it has become the norm and socially acceptable to be leading yourself to an early grave by constant over-eating. With 46% of men and 32% of women in the UK being overweight and less than 1% of women ever suffering from anorexia throughout their lifetime (impossible to even find a figure encompassing both men and women), it is apparent to me what we should be focusing on.

I’m not saying that we should get complacent about anorexia, it is a very serious illness that can ruin lives. But why must we document every instance? What exactly is the benefit of publicising this issue to such extremes, when so many fatal illnesses can be directly linked to obesity? 40% of people with anorexia recover completely, but obesity is a normally a life-long condition, starting in childhood and spiralling out of control until the person finds themselves on the road to no return. So can the media please stop scaremongering the British public about something that affects around 0.5% of the population, and maybe focus more of their attention on the currently dangerous, and rapidly increasing percentage of our population eating themselves to death. The statistics speak a thousand words.

4 Responses

  1. I agree with you and like the article. I do think though that the reason why anorexia is more widely publicised is because thin is being shown as the ideal for women. No-one wants to be obese but when 12 year olds look at size 4 models and feel fat that’s a lot more worrying.
    I do like Supersize Vs Superskinny on C4 though.. Although the method is a little sketchy it deals with both issues which is good and gives perspective unlike others.

    • I also agree with you that it is unhealthy for 12 year old girls to excessively worry about their weight (no one should compare themselves to size 4 models), but too many young children these days are dangerously over weight for their age, and this I find more shocking to see. It is truely horrible when you see an obese child and an obese mother because it shows a lack of education and consideration for their health.

  2. I agree, it’s much easier for a child to copy a parents bad eating habits when the parent is obese rather than anorexic. A lot of the time when it comes to anorexia it is the child’s choice to lose an excessive amount of weight for whatever reason they have. With obesity it is usually because the parents are overweight and the child has no choice but to eat what they are given by their parents.

  3. Talking as part of the 46%, trust me, it is not the norm or socially acceptable.

    I do agree with what you say, however. There seems to be a bias to telling the anorexic story rather than the obese.

    Perhaps more should be done to curb the excesses in our society, the glossy mags and their size 0 models and the amount of junk food adverts selling their size xxl burgers.

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