Bonfire Night – a pets guide

By Heather C Thomson

Remember, remember the 5th of November is the time to keep your pets safe.

Here is some advice for a happy and safe time on Bonfire Night courtesy of Professor David Mills of the University of Lincoln and the RSPCA.

  1. Walk your dogs during daylight hours
  2. Keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off
  3. Make sure your pet has somewhere safe to hide inside
  4. Close windows and curtains as it gets dark
  5. Put on music to muffle the sound
  6. if you’re pet shows fear leave them alone unless they are harming themselves
  7. Never punish or fuss over your pet
  8. Make sure they can’t escape if there is a sudden noise
  9. Microchip your pet in case they get out
  10. And above all have a happy and safe Bonfire Night!

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