Noel Gallagher Flying High in Edinburgh

Last night Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds had landed in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall to play what was only the third date so far in their current UK and Ireland tour.  After swaggering on stage in true Gallagher style,  much to the adoration of his most devoted followers- identifiable by their haircuts,  Mr Gallagher got straight into it, starting at his roots with the Oasis tracks: “(It’s good) to be free” and “Mucky Fingers”. He then went on to play some tracks from his successful new album, “The death of you and me”, which went to number 1 in it’s first week, selling 120 000 copies. It was no surprise then that many in the crowd were able to belt out every word of “Dream on” and the title song “The death of you and me” as Noel showed his more melodic side now having left Oasis. Also from the new album he played “If I had a gun” which he devoted to his Edinburgh born wife Sara MacDonald who was present in one of the seated tiers of the bustling Usher Hall.

With the boozy crowd already buoyant Gallagher went on to play the acoustic version of the Oasis classic “Wonderwall” which was greeted with a deafening reception as the fans prepared to sing their hearts out, many of them holding cameras and phones aloft in an attempt to capture the song or relay it on to someone at the other end of the phone. From this “Supersonic” another Oasis favourite quickly followed, the crowd again straining their voices as they accompanied Noel. The end of this song was met with chants of “Who the f**k are Beady Eye” (Noel’s brother and former Oasis band member Liam Gallagher’s band) from the crowd.

After that, the final third of the set consisted of songs from the new album interrupted by timeless Oasis tracks such as “Half the world away”. The depth of Noel’s talent was very much on show as he moved from “AKA..What a life”, with it’s upbeat house music inspired thump and piano riff, to “Talk tonight” a much more melancholic almost sentimental acoustic track.

As Gallagher and his High Flying birds left the stage not a person moved as they demanded an encore which was expectedly granted as Noel strutted back on stage. The encore was made up of three Oasis songs: “Don’t look back in anger”, “The importance of being idle” and “Little by Little”.  Each of these, fans favourites, boosted by the crowd singing along at full lung capacity. As Gallagher left the stage for the last time he applauded his audience, who very much returned the applause with booming cheers and ear-splitting whistles.

It is clear that Noel has been the more successful of the two Gallagher brothers since Oasis split in 2009,  and with an arena tour already planned for the start of 2012 it seems likely that it’ll stay that way. However, with the absence of someone like Liam Gallagher the High Flying Birds won’t be able to reach the heights similar to that of Oasis.

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  1. Good post mate, I’m seeing him in Newcastle in February, can’t wait!

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