Music ‘Magazine’ Website – Anyone fancy a music journalism folio?

Hey guys,
I have a plan that may or may not work but could be fun and beneficial to a music journalism folio; My flatmate works as the Editor in Chief at which he set up as a student run website when he was at uni. Following his plan (seemed to prove successful for him eh?) I want to do something similar with a music site.

I have been reviewing gigs and albums for a small Glasgow based site and want to use this as a starter point. I aim to set it up on wordpress initially and already have the domain sorted. I have a starter plan but would like folk to join and become administrators as well as contributors. If the plan is successful it would mean free music and guest list entry to gigs as well as some great shows and music to write about and get live on the web.

If anyone is interested add me on faceyb and send a wee message 🙂

6 Responses

  1. definitely up for this! Me and Chris have been talking about starting something. I write for a few websites already but am dying to have a bigger say in what I write about!

  2. I’d def be up for this.

  3. Sounds interesting. I’m a bit cash strapped at the moment to attend any more gigs, but yeah.

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