Facebook is taking over my life. And yours.

I was just trying to browse through Twitter and the BBC looking for stories to inspire another blog. Then I found myself on Facebook. For the third time during this task. When I got up this morning I checked Facebook. As I sat and studied throughout the day I checked it periodically. When I got back from the gym I checked Facebook. Even though I was actually on it on my phone walking back.

 This isn’t the first time I have thought about banning myself from the site for a couple of days but I’ve got to the point (actually I think I decided this a while ago) that I don’t even like it very much. There is very rarely anything worth getting excited about on it and know I’m not the only person that will refresh their news feeds several times in one go or end up on the profile of some friend of a friend who I am not remotely interested in. Granted, the site is good to keep in touch but if you really want to keep in touch with someone you would give them a text every so often. Everybody knows that if something is urgent your friend won’t put it on Facebook, they will phone you. I’m going to take the risk of sounding even sadder by admitting that often the most interesting piece of information I learn from a quick 2 hour check on Facebook is the relationship status of people I kind of know. If anything happens to my close friends they will tell me, so WHY do I check it so much?

It turns out that this Facebook fad might just be that. Facebook Addiction Disorder (as far as I’m aware not yet a recognised disorder). Findings from Lightspeed Online Market Research into the Facebook Addiction showed that in 2010 39% of women questioned would describe themselves as addicted, while 57% admitted to checking Facebook before doing anything else in their day. This statistic may only be for women but I know a lot of men who are worse than me!

Earlier in the week I arrived back in Edinburgh from a weekend at home and realised I had forgotten my laptop charger. At first I was distressed, then remembered I had Facebook on my phone, panic over. Not worried about anything else like University assessments! The phone version is just not quite the same so I had a whole two days with out Facebook and although it might be shameful to admit, those were the two most productive days of my time in university so far.

I’m not suggesting you delete your account, because even if I could do that and be a role model, none of you would. I’m simply saying that without it for a few days you feel almost free, and instead of going on Facebook you think of other things you want/need/have been meaning to do for weeks! Try 3 three days without it, I dare you!

3 Responses

  1. Facebook is the most addictive thing on the planet. People post their lives on there and as human beings we are nosey and love a bit of gossip!

  2. Have to agree with you here! First thing I do when I wake up is reach over for my laptop and bring it up. It is to some extent ridiculous, but it’s so addictive and just part of many peoples daily lives.

  3. There’s a group on Facebook called “I check my news feed like it is a daioly newspaper” which so bloody true. You are right, there is nothing on Facebook that is that important, that you have to check it every day. But we all do.

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