Keeping It Peel

R.I.P John Peel (1939-2004)

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the death of celebrated radio presenter, music journalist, producer and curry lover John Peel. Known for his eclectic taste in music, knack for discovering new talent and bringing them to mainstream attention John Peel was a legend among the musical community. Yesterday however the community didn’t mourn but instead celebrated the life of this amicable dj with choruses of “keeping it peel” spreading the internet via blogs, twitter and facebook.

The BBC website was scattered with articles and videos celebrating Peel. One particular section captures a host of musicians sharing their memories of the dj.

As an aside (is this really the place to do this?) I would like to thank John Peel for introducing me to the world of music.

“Y’know, if Elvis were alive today, I think he’d really understand happy hardcore.”


2 Responses

  1. i still remember when he died and i was 11 at the time! He did a lot for music and i think in 50 years time people will still know his name.

  2. I was pretty surprised at the lack of coverage around this, I mean I know 7 isn’t a particular milestone but i thought the BBC would at least have something to say on it other than the occasional reference on radio 1 on that day. It’s a little disappointing, I think despite him being a major influence the younger generations aren’t really aware of exactly what he’s done.

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