Gadhafi body stashed in shopping center freezer

Just read a story on the Associated Press website that described Libya’s recently ousted former leader Moammar Gadhafi’s body being stashed in a commercial supermarket freezer. This will be his temporary resting place until the country’s citizens figure out where to bury the dictator.

His execution at the hands of his captors and the abuse of his body has sparked controversy. It has been reported that he had been stripped of possessions before being put in the freezer, and Libyans have crowded outside the supermarket to have their picture taken with the body.

Despite all the accusations of Gadhafi’s war crimes, it seems rather undignified to treat his body as a kind of horror exhibit. There should be more control and security implemented by the rebel leaders, and even if this was the expected end of a tyrant, Libyans should not behave in such a primitive way.

One Response

  1. Even worse, apparently he was sodomised with a knife while being transported. Im all for an eye for an eye but this seems unjust and frankly inhumane.

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