Edinburgh Is Beautiful

Standing at the Waverley end of Princess Street  I look down the never-ending stretch of road filled with what only can be described as a herd of shoppers, always headed by the angry women shoppers, charging forward, determined to get to every single shop before it’s closing time; with, of course, the men dragging behind them with their tails between their legs.

I have started to take this sight for granted and focus on the negative points, having been in this very spot many times before. I guess it’s part of human nature; to take things for granted.

But as I looked at the mayhem ahead of me, with exasperation filling my mind and letting a huge sigh out, my breath was taken rapidly back in.

I was looking but I was not seeing.

Edinburgh is beautiful. This part of Edinburgh anyway. Magnificent even. I guess this is the reason that all foreigners walk sideways, with their heads pointed skyward, not watching where they’re going, and slamming their elbows into everyone whilst they try to take 50 different photographs of the same view but from a different angle.

Of course there is a the little glitch in this whole beautiful scene… the dreaded trams; but that’s for a different blog.

So next time you walk down Princess Street, take a look around you, and take time to admire the astounding castle stood high on the hill, with the scenery around it; such as Princess Street Gardens.

And if you really want to see a gorgeous sight, go to Princess Street when Winter Wonderland has arrived, along with the snow. It’s my all time favourite place at that time of year.

Edinburgh is beautiful.

2 Responses

  1. I agree, its weird that we have stayed here for a while now and seem to just take the sightd around us for granted like you say. We are always in such a rush to get somewhere that we dont take in our surroundings.

    We can all be those “angry shoppers” sometimes, who speedily walk through the sea of people, our only thought being “I need to get there before it closes”.

  2. I always think this, I feel like such a tourist sometimes when i’m on the Princes Garden side of the tram fences!

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