The Return Of Miss Poulain

With the media being full of death, murder and scandal at the moment, it is always nice to read something a little bit different. Something that is making a comeback.
The news has been covered with The Stone Roses and even Steps making #1 in the album chart. But it isn’t that comeback that has gotten me excited. Next month is the tenth anniversary of one of the most mesmerising films I’ve ever seen: Amelie.
For those who have never seen it, Amelie Poulain is a waitress  living in Montmartre, Paris. One day she finds a box hidden in her apartment and sets out to return it. From then on she devotes her life to the people around her whilst dreaming of love in her own fashion. Ameile is one of these films that is bulging with meaningful lines and outstanding performances from Audrey Tautou( Coco Chanel, The Da Vinci Code) and Mathieu Kassovitz( Munich). There are moments where you want to burst out in fits of laughter (Amelie’s suicidal fish) to moments where you want to give the character an almighty hug and tell them it will all be okay. Basically, the film goes through the emotional spectrum.
A blog on The Guardian’s site, by Phil Hoad, reminded me of my love of this film. It reminded me of the first time I had ever watched it and how I never understood a word of it as I forgot to put the subtitles on.  It was the moment I realised I wanted to take French as a subject at school so that I could watch Amelie and understand it in it’s mother tongue. I still didn’t understand it.  In English.
It took me a few viewings to really get the film but, then again, I was 12 when I first saw it. But that’s the thing when you’re a child: everything is magical.
Phil Hoad makes a good point when he claims the film’s success lingers on. People will always remember the scenes such as the boy who gets called a vegetable by his boss. Amelie reacts, telling him,  ‘Even Artichokes have hearts.’
It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is one of these films that will either have a major impact on you after watching or make you switch over to the football. It’s hard to find a good film these days. We are usually gifted three a year and they usually cast Leonardo DiCaprio or Colin Firth.  If we look at this weeks box office, we see Wolverine battling robots and Mr Bean with a gun. Even Morgan Freeman is in a role you would never place him( Dolphin Tale).
So why not boycott the cinema this month? Unless it’s the Lion King 3D( The oldies are always the best). Stay in and stick on Amelie. It may not change your world the way it did mine but it does make you think and I’ll guarantee you will have an opinion on it.

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