Top Ten Blogs For Journalists.

By Amy Louise Grant, Chris Martin and Michael Millar.


TMZ. Often is the first to break the news and although is not always correct, sparks more attributed journalists to begin to research the topic of discussion. For example on the day that Michael Jackson died, TMZ was first to report it which was then covered on BBC News. Many news channels will often report on breaking news from TMZ before the news has been confirmed from another source, this is risky for the channel but with TMZ becoming a more credible source, it is a worthy risk to take if it will increase their viewer numbers.

The Huffington Post. For any journalist this blog proves to be a useful reminder of the importance of appeal. The rating system of this blog shows how people are reacting to your work. Post something that is untrue, uninteresting or saturated in bias will result in your reputation being tainted. So this drives home the point that journalists are writing for an audience.

The BBC. Very useful for journalists. The many bloggers of the BBC Blog site show how journalists can walk the line between blogging and journalism. It demonstrates how a Journalist can maintain their reputation and integrity whilst still creating an interesting read that they may not otherwise be able to showcase.

Bad Science. Shows the importance of getting your facts straight. It takes down the hyperbole of tabloid journalism and shows how your work is always under the microscope. It also allows the population to better critique the press and question what they have been given as fact.

Guido Fawkes . Shows how small leads and rumour can lead to bigger stories. Blogging exists as a great platform to publish rumour. And whether true or false rumours are often revealing.

The Hype Machine . Shows how blogging proves to be a diverse method of integrating media. It shows how blogging is moving with the digital age to create a more immersive experience of reading opinion pieces. For example a music review within The Guardian would not allow you to hear the reviewed piece of music. Through The Hype Machine, bloggers can embed audio to give you a better understanding of their opinion.

Popbitch. Shows the wide scale of writing that can exist in blogs. For everybody who is interested in high brow opinionated economics blogs there are blogs like Popbitch to give gossip stories. Blogging is for everyone.

Al Jazeera  With it being more critical of western media this blog shows how blogging comes from a wide range of perspective based on location.

Stockerblog This blog offers an insight into economic news, without too much complex jargon. This makes the often complicated financial news much easier for everyone to understand.

The Guardian Blog This blog is fantastic for journalists as its objective and not too subjective.

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