Top 10 Blogs for Journalists

1. Huffington Post – Pulling together a mixture of blogs and articles from here in the UK and our friends over the pond discussing all things from politics to entertainment and even education. A wide variety of subjects are covered in this quality blog, regulated by readers and editors to ensure only the highest quality of news for you. Broad opinions are scattered throughout each post giving an honest and balanced view of the issues covered.

2. Perez Hilton– An entertainment blog which should be taken with a pinch of salt. Despite up to date gossip and early rumours the blogger is often closely linked to those he is gossiping about, this however can be advantageous so choose which gossip you rely on wisely. An avid user of video clips Perez uses his close relations with celebs to bring the latest news in regards to fashion, fitness, lifestyle and…dogs.  His controversial posts and opinions have caused uproar around the world but still, be careful with what you rely on.

3. Pitchfork– Sharing up to date news and opinions from the latest in the music industry. Showcasing new bands whilst revealing upcoming releases from more established artists too. Taken as the bible for indie junkies across the globe Pitchforks opinions are taken as gospel amongst critics, enough that they even have their own music festivals in UK and the US.

4. Guardian Blogs–  A hub of columns and blog posts from established journalists expanding on recent news stories as well as exploring new angles around these stories. These range from Entertainment to Economics and even local blogs. The live updates only emphasise the reliablity of the blogs on this site.

5. Bad Science– Grouped into an extensive list of categories the posts on this blog are written by Dr Ben Goldacre discussing mainstreams medias take on health and science issues.

6. Lookbook Allows users across the world to post their latest looks and opinions on the fashion world. Over the years it has become largely influential on deciding the latest looks, models and designers on the catwalk. First stop for fashion addicts.

7. Money Saving Expert – Run by Martin Lewis, established financial journalist, this blog concentrates on saving money for absolutely everything and allows you to see the latest in economical and financial issues and the publics opinion on these. The site remains unbiased and journalistic in its research of money saving articles.

8. Caught Offside– Similar to Perez but without the glitter, Caught Offside brings you the latest in football as well as breaking transfer rumours from Europe.

9. Guido Fawkes– Revealing inside news from Parliament, Fawkes provides reliable rumours and opinions from the UK political world.

10. ARmy Rumour SErviceGreat for revealing the real stories behind the latest in the armed services, coming straight from the soldiers mouths themselves. Provides real opinions from inside the army that may not be accessible otherwise.

Contributors include: Lisa Brown, Rebecca Jolly, Kate Hogg, Ross Kelly & Dionne Kennedy.


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