The Slammin’ Jammin’ Top Ten Blogs! For Journalists!

If you like blogs than we have a treat for you! In no particular order, of course:

10. What Would Tyler Durden Do? –

In the novel ‘Fight Club’ by Chuck Palahniuk, Tyler Durden attempts to bring the western world to its knees with ‘Project Mayhem’, a devoted cult of alienated modern males. This blog’s anonymous author seems to be trying to do the same thing by posting celebrity nip-slips and rehabilitation clinic visits. Why? “Because fuck them, that’s why.” Well. there you go! Good for journalists for giving them an extended glimpse – more of a glare, really – at the seedy underside of celebrity life.

9.  ARRSE –

The Army Rumour Service is an enlightening forum, decdicated to the soldiers of the British Army – their true opinions, shared experience, and a bit of bullshit in the form of real rumours and ARSEpedia (BA’s humourous wikipedia). It has quite a funny name. Journalists use it to talk to real soldiers, not media-trained spoon-feeders.

8. Huffington Post –

Claimed to be the world’s most influential blog. It appears to be a news website, but consists mostly of blogs with moderated comments.

7. Twitter –

Although twitter is not a dedicated blog it does contain numerous micro-blogs. Journalists can search the site for key words or phrases that can relate to a story they may be researching. With Twitter journalists can jump on a story within seconds of it happening as people can post updates in an instant. It can also be used to ask for information on a subject in the form of posts the journalist can put up themselves.

6. Guido Fox –

Guido Fox is a politically motivated blog designed to out secrets or scandals happening inside parliament. Although it is a particularly bias site it can provide a good starting point for a journalist in the form of a rumour that can be investigated in greater detail. The web site includes a lot of innuendo and speculation so it would be very important for a journalist to strenuously research any of the stories on the sights.
5. – is a website used mainly by fans of Hibernian F.C. The site is used for blogging, discussion and debate over topics and issues surrounding the club, on and off the field. This can be used as a useful tool by local journalists to investigate claims, rumours and potential stories posted by fans. As one of the largest football clubs in Edinburgh, Hibernian news is covered in most depth by The Edinburgh Evening News. can be the first source of transfer news or the sacking of players or managerial staff.


Very similar to, is used mainly by rival fans of Heart of Midlothian F.C. This site has potentially been more useful over recent years due to the turbulent nature of Hearts several internal scandals. Local journalists could use this blogging site for a near infinite source of potential stories. News for HMFC is also covered in most depth by The Edinburgh Evening News.

3. Pitchfork –

Pitchfork, a modern day music bible, is good for letting journalists know the current trends in music. It lead to the rise of bands like the Grammy-award winning Arcade Fire and Animal Collective. Sometimes seen as the elite in music criticism, surpassing Rolling Stone and NME as tastemakers.

2. Bad Science  –

A blog website active and essential in the way it’s approaching old, popular and in new sciencee or healthy related research. Easy to perceive and read!

1. Perez Hilton –

Self-proclaimed as the “most sassy” of all gossip sites (quite the claim), Hilton’s worth comes from his closeness to actual celebrities. This allows him to get the scoop posted online long before the tabloids have a chance to.

3 Responses

  1. Well done, Mr!!!

  2. good on the whole, however and jambos kickback are not great sources for journalists since it is a fans forum and a lot of the so called ‘facts’ posted have been taken from nowhere!

  3. if you’d like to take this up with a mister declan kinsella, some kind of steel cage match can be arranged

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