Journalism blogs – Top 10

by Craig Watson, Rachel Small, Owen O’Donnell, Heather Thomson

1) The Guardian News Blog – A wide variety of contributors with interesting news blogs on a range of topical subjects.

2) Sky News Blog – Sky News writers’ blogging on current issues in the news.

3) Huffington Post – Dedicated blogging website, with lots of extras.

4) NME Blog – A variety of music blogs, which can be used for breaking news in the music industry. There are many sections covering different areas of interest in the music world.

5) STV News Local (Hyper local) General Public blog open to post.

6) Left Foot Forward – Left wing political blogging website.

7) Pitchfork Media – popular Alternative/Indie music blog.

8) Gawker – Part-blog for entertainment and gossip news.

9) TMZ – Pure entertainmen blog for all the latest news.

10) Geekosystem – Popular blogging website for technology news and discussion.

2 Responses

  1. Remember: I am really looking for blogs which are useful FOR journalists. Not blogs BY journalists or media organisations.

  2. Found this a couple of months ago. Few interesting pieces, unfortuantly not that regular.

    Someone who has been a journo for the last few years. Just get past the plug for his books and some of the articles are pretty good.

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