Fry’s take on Job’s Last Gadget

I’ve just read a piece in  The Guardian by Stephen Fry about the new Iphone and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Not because I am a technology geek or the most avid fan of Apple, but because Stephen Fry always has such a colourful way of describing things- it made a full page of gadget talk seem like a single paragraph. In fact, I wanted more!

The article is based around the launch of the new Iphone 4S which has already broken records for pre orders, already surpassing the one million mark. Many believe this is due to the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs last week. On the other hand, others claim the record has been broken due to the Blackberry upset. This I can believe. My Facebook home page has been filled with ‘Hiya Iphone 4S, bye Blackberry you piece of rubbish.’ The Blackberry scandal is on its third day now and out of protest many users are moving on-  Apple benefiting greatly.
But Fry writes that Apple should be applauded for their new model. With updated apps and top notch speed, it outweighs any competitor. Although he isn’t bias. He is a fan of any company who can make technology a more pleasurable experience; ‘I wish those competitors luck, for the better all smartphones are, the happier I am.’ In time someone will surpass the Iphone 4S and then another model that- a never ending cycle. It doesn’t even seem that long ago that the Iphone 4 was released.  Apple can also be proud of cashing in from the Ipad 2, another gadget praised by Fry.
The most touching thing about the article was Stephen’s own thoughts during his time testing the new Iphone.  He spoke about how weird it felt knowing this was the last Apple gadget Jobs would have known and how spectacular a man he truly was. It really did make me smile and be grateful to Jobs- a true visionary in the arena of technology.

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