Too much too young?

Sitting in a room with my parents or grandparents, I realise that they are shocked by images or words on TV that don’t have any effect on me. For example, when watching the music channels, my mum might say “that’s a disgrace,” about something I took no notice of. Is this simply a difference in the generations? Or is the sexualisation of young people going too far?


Recent campaigns by organisations such as appear to be voicing their growing fear of how this “premature sexualisation” of what appears to be mainly young girls, is affecting how they perceive themselves and the expectations set upon them by the media. Are advertisers and online images warping young girls’ minds and forcing them to grow up way too quickly? I have never felt like any image I saw in my youth have had any adverse effect on me, so perhaps this is just another example of our society being too uptight, and worrying about something that needn’t be worried about.

It seems David Cameron has different ideas, he claims that with 3 young kids himself he too is worried about the advertising and sexual imagery children are exposed to from a young age, and therefore they are “growing up too early”. Hence the reason he has implemented the launch of a new website to help tackle the problem. The website, much like is designed to provide a place for concerned parents to voice their opinion and help to warn each other about material they claim to be harmful.

Cameron met with industry representatives to discuss going one step further and helping parents filter material and websites online while the Advertising Standards Association have announced stricter regulations on advertising outdoors, with focus on adverts near schools. While these are all steps in the right direction, the Prime Minister says more needs to be done. But is this just a difference in culture from one generation to the next?

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  1. Mentioned good points here. I think where Cameron’s views are concerned, there is an element of truth: Alcohol is a similar one whereby there seems to be a majority view (at least that I am aware of) that having a small allowance of drinking in the home may prevent teenage secret binge drinking. This however, is clearly on a different level which in effect leads us to wonder about the leader of our country and his opinions and connections with the media. Murdoch is defo an insight of the ability to sucker him in with the media. Perhaps a good view to start yer essay…

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