A General Rambling About Religion

by Morag Robertson

I have no idea if I belong to a religion, if I believe in any sort of God, or even have any faith. I was brought up in the church, as a lot of people were, but that does not mean I automatically have the same faith as my parents already entwined deep within me.

I accept that this is a taboo subject, and that I’m subjecting myself to possible debate; and that is exactly what I want. Religion is one of the best things to debate about, when I’m in the right mood. So without further ado; in my opinion, the morals of every religion hold some ground for the society we live in today, despite whether people believe in the actual religion.

It may be decades before I fully understand any religion enough to make an informed decision about what I believe, but one thing that I’ve been taught since I was born, and still believe now, is that the morals that religion teach are based on solid values.

However, this whole image of the goodness that religion aims to teach has been tainted by war. The excuse of religion as a basis to start a war. The thousands, millions of people even, being killed under the name of religion.

Religion fuels war.

Religion is a scapegoat.

Isn’t it?

But we shouldn’t necessarily pin the blame on religion for all this death and destruction. To me, the people who use this as a scapegoat are a disgrace to the name of religion. The twin towers were done as an act of religion. Why? Where in the Qur’an does it say ‘go and kill 2,996 people in order to convert more people to be one of us’?

Religion can be the basis of many good things. It has an ugly side however;  like everything in life.

One Response

  1. While I like the way you write and agree with you that religion is a great topic to debate about, I have to say something about the value of religion and morals.

    Every mainstream religion, especially the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have abhorant ideas about the world. The keeping of slaves, the subjecation of women, killing for a myriade of infractions, laws against thought itself.

    I could be specific if you want me to.

    The also have very nice moralistic stories within them too.

    My point is that people have chosen for millenia which parts of their faith to follow. They have decided that keeping slaves it bad, that working on a Sunday is necessary, that women are as equal as men.

    Human beings have chosen what is good and what is bad about their faith, meaning that morals do not come from any religion. You can decide that “Loving thy neighbour” is a good thing and that homophobia is wrong. YOU have chosen this, you have created your moral centre outside your religious learnings.

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