The NHS did not fail me

On Thursday night I had a bad fall and ended up really hurting my arm. I got back to my flat in tears clutching on to my arm, and my flatmate and myself decided it would be best to phone NHS 24/7. But after hearing multiple bad reports of the service, I asked my flatmate if she would be kind enough to phone for me.

 The man on the phone asked to speak to me and I honestly and quite frankly, couldn’t be bothered. I hastily agreed and I went through a string of predictable questions. And when after these he informed me I’d have to make a trip to hospital, I was ready for a very late night, or very early morning. We got a taxi to the hospital, and to my surprise and relief I was called straight away, in fact I was so shocked that  the whole waiting room was saying my name, because I hadn’t expected to be called quite so quickly. I was asked a few simple questions and straight away, I was ushered away for an x-ray. I did have to wait around an hour for my x-ray to come through and be told my results, but understandable as a man with a huge gash in his head was wheeled in, and obviously attention turned to him and everyone else had to wait. I was, however checked up on regularly, and so was my sleeping flatmate. Thankfully I didn’t have any broken bones, just a sprain. But I was fitted with a splint, phoned a taxi and given some pain killers. Even though traipsing to a&e is never a nice experience, I was well looked after. The NHS is constantly being criticised and I think amid the current government cuts they are doing a very good job. It seems only the bad experiences or the mistakes made by the NHS are reported on, and even though people do have bad experiences and being in a hospital is never desirable, these people are doing a difficult job and I think they are doing it pretty well.

2 Responses

  1. True – the problem is that it’s much easier for bad news to get media attention than good news. The NHS isn’t perfect by any means, but for every bad experience there’s many more good ones. And it’s better by far than the health care system in America or Europe where you have to pay hundreds of euros/dollars to see a doctor.

    Hope your arm is better soon!

  2. As someone who has been looked after by the NHS since I was four years old I completely agree. It seems that only the horror stories about the NHS make it into the papers. Is this because they make a more scandalous headline?

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