Walking through Edinburgh

When walking along Edinburgh’s Princes Street earlier this afternoon, the magnified sound of an angry man was one of the first things I heard. A man, holding a banner with the names of many popular gas and electiricity providers printed on it, was marching along the pavement causing quite a stir and attracting a small gethering of tourists and shoppers.

His reason for this was the rise in Gas and Electric prices, and his message of ” Its 4 times the rate of inflation ! no wonder we are furious!” was making quite an impact upon his growing followers as many of them began queuing at the petition lying on a table at the side of the street, I really thought a march or prossession would begin if any more people stopped to hear him.

With all the commotion, I didnt have time to take a picture of the man, but his look of anger definately showed his belief in the cause and determination for “the people’s voice” to be vocalised. I did however have time to take some quick notes and quotes from his demonstrations and speeches. These were particularly effective and seemed to pursued and enthuse everyone in the vacinity to stop and listen. I was quite amazed that one man had the ability to grab the attentions of such a large amount of people and in such a short time frame. Especially in the capital , full of people who are usually quite ignorant towards the many homeless people on the street, or anyone near them for that matter.

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  1. I completely missed this man – whereabouts was he on Prince’s Street? I walked down it a couple of times yesterday and managed not to see him… Shame, it sounds like it was quite interesting.

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