How the Mighty Have Fallen

Just found this on my laptop. It’s just a piece we had to do for advanced English although I can’t remember exactly why. Have a read if you want.

How the Mighty Have Fallen

The once mighty Colonel Gadaffi has cut a dangerous yet
amusing figure in these past few days.  Great
concern was evident from the British journalists, who listened to the dictator
dismiss all the bloodshed of the past week with such a calmness in his voice.
His actions during the crisis have led to the masses believing he is truly a
mad man. However it’s not as if we’ve not been in a similar situation before. A
nation cowering under the presence of its’ cold hearted leader.

The obvious example is that of Aldof Hitler, arguably the
most crazed man to walk the Earth. While Gadaffi has not yet been found to
commit such a crime as the Holocaust, he does share similar disciplines with
Hitler. Both men had a ruthless streak when it came to removing their enemies.

Hitler disposed of those who opposed them by using his
private military and Gadaffi has similarly assassinated any supposed enemies
who sought to challenge him, with Amnesty International listing at least 25
assassinations between 1980 and 1987.

Over the past few days it has become apparent that perhaps
Gadaffi also possess a similar mental fragility to that of Hitler. The ease
with which he cast aside the deaths of his people made could make one shiver.
But is it really such a surprise?

All dictators have that psychotic gene that sets them apart
from most of the world.  They possess a
frame of mind so sickening that very few can compare their thoughts to those of
men like Gadaffi. Perhaps only serial killers can react in a similar vein but
after all dictators are often nothing more than mass murderers.

As the days pass one can see that no matter how hard he will
try to resist, Gadaffi’s regime is coming to an end. He will soon be gone and
will have very few candidates to pass the torch onto, with Robert Mugabe and
Kim Jon-il being the only two that come to mind. Instead he will become a
reminder to the Libyan people of the dictatorship of their past as they look to
move forward.

With the hostile regime in Egypt falling and now Libya, it
seems the people of the Arabic world are reclaiming their nations from the
megalomaniacs who have delivered ruin. This means the end for their brutal
leaders who will instead join the ranks of the Hitler and Idi Amin for their
infamous spells in power. Now with the recent warning of military action from
the UN, Gadaffi’s position looks even more unstable and it is becoming more
certain that he will lose power.  The
demise of Gadaffi will allow the Libyan people to move forward and rebuild
their country into a fairer society. When this day arises they can hopefully
share their freedom with the rest of the world and hope that Gadaffi’s kind
will soon be extinct.

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