Fox’s Duff note

What are Fox thinking? In a time of economic downturn, it is understandable that cuts have to be made. But not cuts so major that childhood memories will be shattered. Over the past few days, Twitter and other forms of media have been confronted with the knowledge that Fox may cut The Simpsons.
Lisa, Bart, Maggie, Homer and Marge Simpson have become names so recognisable since their first airing in the eighties, that it seems absurd to remove them from television after 23 seasons. The Guardian today stated that there are enough episodes to carry on till 2012 but after that the show will see the axe.
The only compromise to keep the show is if the voice actors take a 45% cut in their wages. This would mean the likes of Nancy Cartwright (who voices Bart) would earn £2.5 million a year instead of a huge £5million. The question is therefore asked, ‘Is it all about the money?’ You would think being apart of a cartoon as globally successful as The Simpsons would make the voice actors care more about their character than their pay cheque. For it is that character that has brought them fame.
Then again, it doesn’t make sense why Fox would axe a programme that rakes in billions a year on the likes of  merchandise and dvds. It seems that Fox doesn’t care about audience satisfaction, but will cut one of the most popular ever TV shows as it’s the easiest money saver.
So, will we have to say Goodbye to Evergreen Terrace? Or will the likes of  Dan Castellaneta take the pay cut? We now wait, fingers crossed.

2 Responses

  1. It’s ridiculous that the debate is pretty much held over £stupidamount. Maybe it’s about time they accepted that The Simpsons is done. It is a household name and now, always will be. Look at Friends. Things get to the point where it is just time to end it. No?

  2. Some people are very selfish! I’d rather be making £2.5million than be out of a job. All good things have to come to an end though…

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