A Convenient Lie

The purpose of this blog, and of our future profession, is truth-seeking. We must find out the stories that the people are left unaware of and expose the Murdochs and the Nixons of the world. Yet it seems to me that many truths which we may choose to reveal will go unaccepted and brushed off as stupid or wrong. But is this because we have been indoctrinated into believing that disputing certain things is futile.

The subject matter in question is Global Warming. We are guilted daily into believing that if we don’t recycle or walk to work instead of driving that we are heating up our planet into one big pressure cooker that will eventually destroy it. If Al Gore won a Nobel Prize for drumming it down our throats then surely it must be true!? That view somehow doesn’t sit right with me.

This isn’t akin to a 9/11 conspiracy whereby an obscure camera angle shows George Bush chuckling at the bottom of the tower shouting ‘victory is mine’. This is about questioning what we have been told. Science is a strange thing in that it can be manipulated greatly. Just as the morals and ethics are about impartiality and lack of human input an injection of cash from someone high up easily erases that. The IPCC is notorious for doctoring reports and putting a certain spin on facts to point towards their agenda. However these only seem to come out once policies and laws have been made, strangely enough.

The IPCC and other UN reports often speak about Greenhouse Gases which we assume to mean CO2 or other man-made substances. The most prominent Greenhouse Gas is conveniently left into this term even though it is actually completely natural and harmless water vapour. Not to mention methane which is, in the main, created by the gassy extretions of farm animals!

The earth naturally goes through stages. The ice age, for example.  To put it in a very rudimentary way I ask you to remember the last time you heard a phrase similiar to this: “It has been the hottest summer since 300AD. Scientists attribute this to Global Warming etc etc etc”. Yeah, we think; it was hot this summer wasn’t it; better make sure to reduce my CO2 emmissions I suppose. But, stop for a moment and think about the words HOTTEST SINCE WHENEVER. How did it get so hot back in 300AD? I think it’s a safe bet it wasn’t our cars or planes. Nor our rubbish or machines. The earth does that. It changes, getting hotter or colder at various points in it’s life. Just as any star or planet does.

I still recycle. But only because I think it is a logical form of waste refuse. And, of course, we will have to find alternative ways of creating power other than using crude oil and coal. But only because these resources are exhaustive. Controversial it may be, but I advise you all to sleep safe in the knowledge that your children and grandchildren will not be burned up in a ball of fire as the earth perishes. I’d go as far as saying that your great great great great great (x10) children will be just fine as well.

5 Responses

  1. I used to think it was true but the past couple of years has changed my mind. But there is definitely something changing about our planet, which could well be another phase as you mentioned.

  2. i agree to a point here. i don’t think we should ignore that the Ozone is being destroyed. UV rays= Skin Cancer. May not be the end of the world, but i’d quite like my Grandchildren to be healthy. However, i agree the planet

  3. is going through phases also.

  4. I agree with the points you’ve made here, certainly about the “truth” being flawed in regard to the environment. We have to question what we’re told by the media, by the government, and by scientists. It remains to be seen exactly what is causing the changes in our planet mind, I suppose however others would argue the point how can you question science and scientific cause-effect methods.

  5. I also think the earth just goes through stages and global warming is nothing to worry about. I agree that with such a large population on the earth, recycling is one of the best waste management solutions. I wouldn’t, however completely dismiss what scientists are saying, but I think it’ll take a few more years or even generations to see if global warming is a myth or not.

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