Nothing to Hide?

By Jack Smith

After recent events at Ibrox stadium involving that have been so well publicized throughout. Rangers Football Club released a statement, informing that as a result of the coverage that had been put out, they were ending their co-operation with the Herald Scotland, along with the Glasgow Evening Times and the Sunday Herald. The Herald had previously reported that the Glasgow club had court cases against its former legal team, Glasgow based law firm Levy & McRae as well as the clubs former chief executive, Martin Bain. On top of this the Herald had claimed that the club had failed to pay £49 million income tax and was under investigation from HMRC.

Upon the release of the statement on the 14th of September, there was n uproar in regards to peoples opinions on the matter in terms, all of which were able to be viewed through various forms of social media. There were a number of forums and debates regarding the issue, as there were differing views as to whether or not Rangers were right to end their cooperation with the newspaper. With a large debate coming on Heralds page itself regarding the law firms issue of solvency at the Glasgow club. Gerard Campbell, Paisley, commented “Who do these ‘peepul’ think they are? What has appeared in print is not ‘comment’ – simply reportage of what has taken place.” Clearly showing the anger, shown by a number of football fans who are upset that Rangers should not have the right to choose what news is broadcast and printed about them, with this being further enhanced with the accusation of “fascism” in the ideology at Ibrox.

The main concern that is circulating through the various forms of social media websites is that Rangers should be unable to dictate what is said about them in the news, as it the newspapers job to deliver the information that is wanted by the public. The general opposition to this being that court cases and financial matters should not be deemed news worthy as the main function of Rangers is to be a football club and what should only matter is the performance on the pitch, not the courtroom.

What is certain is that debate has stirred as a result of the actions Rangers have taken against the Herald. The various forums that have been on the issue have all taken the opinions of those who think that what the Glasgow club are dong is right or not, after all it is what the purpose of social media is, to stir debate and give people the chance to express themselves on the issues that they normally would not be able to do so on. What is the general consensus though, is that Rangers should not be doing what they are as the Herald are well within their rights to give the people the news they want.

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